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Easy  System Weighing 

(Pharma Tex) is specialized in providing weighing solutions for various applications. We have recently diversified from standard products to customized weighing applications. We have technical tie up with transfer of technology from the Bangladesh leaders in weighing. More then 200 Corporate Company customer in Bangladesh.

We are Fabrication , Servicing & marketing. The marketing and service network is located in more than three places throughout in Bangladesh.

With 10’years’ of experience operating within the weighing industry, our highly skilled service team are fully qualified in the calibration, service and repair of all types of industrial weighing equipment.

Calibration & Certification ,Repair

All calibration and repair work is carried out in accordance with the BSTI guidelines. We meet every industry standard, as well as the standards expected.Services can offer on-site & workshop repairs to all types of industrial weighing equipment. We have access to a wide range of spare parts, from all major weighing scale manufacturers including