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  • The 1280 Enterprise™ Series programmable indicator is an innovative powerhouse, delivering uncompromising speed for today’s operations and expansive options for tomorrow’s requirements. More than 150 built-in functions simplify programming, and customized applications are accomplished with Rice Lake’s iRite® software. A leap forward in technology, the 1280 empowers your operations with limitless programmability. A highly customizable graphical user interface, the ability to power up to eight scales, and a lightning-fast Free scale i.MX6 processor take multitasking to the next level.

  • Specifically designed with belt scales in mind, the 882D delivers the required data in a compact package. Featuring iRite™ programmability, it can be customized to control product dosing or manage metering. The 882D’s backlit display makes viewing rate, speed and time convenient in virtually any lighting condition. The 882D is also protected from the elements in an IP66 stainless steel enclosure, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

  • The 920i® programmable weight indicator/controller is different, yet intuitively familiar for even the least experienced operators. It is truly the first of its kind to blend revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and ultimate processing performance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator.